I was diagnosed of Acute Lower Back Pain from Lion’s Gate Hospital and was advised by the Doctor that aside from taking medication , I should undergo Physiotherapy .My husband went for Massage Therapy at Back2Normal Physiotherapy Clinic in Capilano Mall before, and insisted that I should go there too for Physiotherapy . When I went to Back2Normal Physiotherapy Clinic, I was having a hard time just getting up from where I was sitting at their reception area. Mr.Rezvani assessed my situation , and he had witnessed how intense the pain I was going thru. Getting off the bed at home was a struggle, I can’t even wear my socks or pull up my undies without my hubby’s help. I can not lean forward to brush my teeth in the sink nor can I pick up my toddler’s toys on the floor. I needed to squat so I can do that. I am working in a Hotel under housekeeping department so it is a very physical and fast pace environment. With the condition I am going thru, I needed to leave from work to undergo Physiotherapy. After 2 sessions at Back2Normal, I had a feeling of relief. I didn’t expect that there will be changes right away. It’s not 100% recovery but at least there was a difference. I continued on with the sessions. It is a 60-min session 2x a wk and a take-home exercises I need to do religiously. After 8 sessions, I can go around the house doing chores and daily routines … with a little rest in between, ofcourse. I am very thankful for Mr. Ahmad’s help. I would like to recommend his clinic and his service to everybody who is going thru the same situation I went thru. I never thought that I can recover this fast. Mr. Ahmad is very accommodating and showed real concern to his patients. He is also approachable and really gives time to each and every patient that walks in and out of his clinic. He really works wonders. Also, I would like to thank the assistants at the desk. They are very attentive and are really sincere and kind especially Mary Anne. There is that feeling of family. Thank you so much for all the help.

Catherine Buyayo

Requiring rehabilitation from two total knee replacements I enlisted the help of Capilano Physiotherapy (Back2Normal). They (Ed) were most professional, courteous, thorough and patient focused and got the great results that I was unable to obtain with any other physiotherapy organization. Thanks to them I am now enjoying normal activity and a pain free life. I strongly recommend if you need to help to engage these professionals.

Larry Pioveson

I just wanted to Thank You for all the help you and your staff has provided for me. When ICBC was so tardy in getting my physiotherapy approved you were more interested in my health and therapy than they were. Thank you for that. The friendliness and hospitality of you and your staff made me feel at ease and comfortable. When my son was hurt you were the only one I thought of to help him. The advice and sessions with Ali and your staff helped greatly to ease his pain. Whenever I need physiotherapy, I am happy to know that you are there to provide aid. I also like that you don’t mind drop ins and are open on weekends in case of emergencies. With much appreciation and Thanks.

Helen (Lee Too)

What can I say about Capilano Physiotherapy & Wellness Clinic … it’s THE place to go to? This team of truly dedicated professionals will put you back on the road to recovery and teach you about prevention as well! What more could you ask for? I’ve had the great fortune of being treated by A .Rezvani, whose professionalism, attention to detail, and unique treatment approach has helped rid most of my back pain and regain mobility. Thank you! A. Rezvani! I highly recommend him and Back2Normal Physiotherapy in North Vancouver & Wellness team to anyone needing their help – with them; you are, quite literally, in the right hands! They will take an excellent care of you in whatever situation that you are facing. Thank you to you all for making me feel so welcome and for the outstanding service that you provide! You guys are the BEST!

Mr. Emmanuel Howell Darco