Work Related Injury Treatments

Downtown Physiotherapy & Health in Vancouver manages and treats work related chronic pain and injuries by assessing the history of your pain or injury, their source, and then offering a diagnosis so that we can outline the correct and best treatment plan for you.

Our treatments generally include manual therapy (like massage and joint mobilization/manipulation), acupuncture, or ultrasound. We complement these techniques with stretches and strengthening exercises to make sure that your body can adapt much better to whatever routine your work demands of you.

At Downtown Physiotherapy & Health we also offer options for Return-to-Work Rehabilitation + Intensive Programs to establish a suitable return-to-work option for you following your injury or surgery. We provide help by liaising with your HR department to ensure that our program best suits your lifestyle and needs.

We additionally provide intensive rehabilitation programs for our customers who need a speedy recovery and must return to work. These programs range between 5 to 10 days of rehabilitation.