Rehab Gym and Active Rehabilitation

Downtown Physiotherapy and Health located in Downtown Vancouver has extensive experience in working with sports related injuries as a result of sprains, contusions, tears and fractures. Whether you are a recreational or elite athlete. Downtown Physiotherapy and Health has the best manual therapy techniques and specific exercises to help reduce pain, improve strength and endurance, return you to your full function and sporting ability. Our Downtown Vancouver physiotherapy and sport injury treatment rehabilitation center treats sports injuries in a unique style of manual therapy that involves no “cracking” (which can generally push your body beyond its normal range of movement and applies a strain on the joints). Our alternative method is much more successful and productive in the long run since it prevents the accumulation of strain development in the first place.

Our physiotherapists apply a combination of gentle, but powerful applications of force (vectors) to realign the joints of the spine as well as any other peripheral joints, using combinations of manual therapy and massage therapy to set you on your way to a positive and swift recovery.