Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Any kind of surgery is intimidating to undergo. Regardless of the type of surgery that you had, Downtown Physiotherapy and Health in Vancouver will create the appropriate post-surgical rehabilitation treatment determined by your surgeon’s specific post-operative protocol, the condition of the joint, and the chronicity of physical impairments.

Our overriding aim at Downtown Physiotherapy and Health is to make you achieve the highest level of function, independence and quality of life through our post-surgical rehabilitation treatment. We are interested in providing you with the most comfortable transition post-surgery and guide you through recuperating with proper progression of weight bearing, increasing range of motion, and progression strengthening and functional activities.

We are also specialized in providing “pre-operative” rehabilitation in downtown Vancouver in order to aid in decreasing inflammation (swelling), restoring normal range of motion, muscle function and gait to decrease post-operative complications. Our pre-operative treatment also educates our patients so they can have a better understanding of their rehabilitation treatment to lead to a better outcome in our post-operative rehabilitation program.

If you have any questions regarding pre-surgical or post-surgical treatments, or book a free consultation, please give us a call at Downtown Physiotherapy and Health.