IMS therapy Downtown Vancouver

The focus is the muscle knots and trigger points by using IMS Vancouver. The trigger points particular hyperirritable points into a muscle that are often contracted or in tension. Dry Needling or IMS therapy releases these trigger points to reduce the pain by making them more flexible.

If you have already tried different usual physiotherapies, massage therapy, osteopathy and chiropractic treatments but not getting cured then the reason of muscular pain could be shortening of your muscles. Shortening of muscles could create pain, straining them and distressing the joints. IMS Vancouver is the best solution for your body.

IMS Downtown is very useful in releasing the pain within shortened muscles by relaxing them. The needles used in IMS are the same as used in the traditional acupuncture treatment to stimulate a specific amount of healing until you get rid of your muscular pain completely.

In IMS the needle causes a very small injury that brings the blood to that area and the muscle starts the natural healing process. An electrical potential is created in the muscle by needle insertion which leads the muscle to behave normal once again.

Before you go for a Gunn Intramuscular Stimulation, you need to get examined by a physiotherapist who is fully knowledgeable. The expert physiotherapist specifies the insertion points for IMS needle by recognizing the physical signs of neuropathic pain. Every single IMS Needle insertion point is directed into the muscles.

While booking for an appointment with one of our certified physiotherapists, please make sure that you ask for IMS Downtown so that you could be treated by Gunn Intramuscular Stimulation.