Workplace injuries can occur without warning. One moment you’re busy on a regular day. The next, you may find yourself out of work with an injury. Every day, thousands of workers lose their lives from workplace injuries. Other take weeks, months and even years to recover fully. Unfortunately, many of these injuries can be avoided

Definition: This injury is also known as AC sprain. It is the involvement of the joint formed between acromion and collarbone. Injury mechanism: AC sprain is usually caused by a direct blow to the joint. The result of the impact is Acromion Over-Riding Clavicle and stretching of ligaments or capsule of the joint. Symptoms: Pain

Symptoms / Diagnosis

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Ischiogluteal Bursitis Ischiogluteal bursitis happens when the bursa (a fluid filled-like sac or grease under your hamstrings) allows adjacent tissues slide over one other and cause irritation, inflammation, or damage to that region. This can occur when a traumatic injury (micro or macro trauma) happens like falling hard on a surface, this can damage the

Upper Motor Neuron Reflexes

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Upper motor neuron(UMN) connect the motor cortex of the brain to the muscles. The upper motor neurons originate within the motor cortex and then travels down the spinal cord within the corticospinal tracts. Approximately 85% of upper motor neurons cross over to the contralateral side in the brainstem and then travel within the lateral corticospinal tract. The other 15%